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Icons can be useful to explain what something is when you have limited space to communicate with your visitors. Adding icons to your pages may help your website's visitors to further understand what each page is about. You can find and add page icons under Page Settings.

1. Add Icon

To add an icon to a page, simply open the Page Settings of the page to wish you want to add the icon. Navigate to the bottom of the page settings menu and you will find the Icon section. All you must do is selected your preferred icon from the long list or you can filter to show only relevant icons, e.g. typing down in the field "arrow" will only display arrow icons.

2. Remove / Edit Icon

To remove an existing page icon, simply open the Page settings of the page you wish to remove/change the icon from. Under the Icon section you must find the existing icon and click on it to unselect it; if you wish to add another icon, simply select it from the list.

3. Icon Styling

It is possible to change the icon size, color and spacing under Global Styling. Click here to read more about the Menu Global Styling!


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