Image Styling

With this feature it is possible to customize a picture's background, borders and spacing by changing the appearance of the Image module. To open the Image Styling menu, click on the picture you wish to alter and click on the Styling tab on the top of the Edit Image



This option allows you to change a picture's background color. By clicking on the square on the left side of Background Color, a menu will pop up where you can choose a color. Alternatively, if you know the color code, you can write it or paste it in the box. There is also a slider that changes the transparency of the background; drag it left of right if you want to make the picture more or less transparent.



In this element you can add a border to an image and personalize its color, width, style and radius.




When altering spacing, there are two options - margin and padding. These refers to the adjustment of space outside of an element and inside of an element, respectively.  


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