Upload Images / Use File Manager

There are two main ways to add an image to an element - either by uploading it from your computer or by using the File Manager.


Upload Image

You can upload an image from your computer by clicking on the File Manager option under the Content tab.


File Manager

The File Manager works as a media library - every time you upload a picture, it gets automatically stored in the File Manager. This way you can use it as many times as you wish.


Your Files

To upload a picture from your File Manager, click on the Choose from Library option under the Content tab of the Edit Image Module menu. You can always manage the content of your File Manager - learn how to do that here.

Stock Photos

Depending on your account settings, you might also have access to Stock Photos. Firstly, find an image by searching a keyword and then decide whether you want to be shown vector-based images or photos. Finally, select one or multiple images and click on Insert to display them on your website. Once you have used a stock photo, it will be automatically saved on your File Manager for future use. 


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