Linking Images

It is possible to associate a link to an image so it behaves in a specific way when an individual clicks on it.


How to add a link to an image?

Click on the image you wish to associate a link to. On the Edit Image Module menu, under the Styling tab, you can find the Link option. Choose what kind of link you want to add - an external page, an internal page, an email or a file.


Open links in new tab

When this option is enabled, when someone clicks on the picture, the page you have linked to will open in a separate tab. Note that by default, external links are always set to open in a new tab.


Set "NoFollow" Property

In this section it is possible to set a "nofollow" property to that specific link. This is a particularly relevant setting if you do not want search engines to consider that hyperlink and, therefore, when this setting is enabled, your link will not affect the target's ranking in the search engine index.

Title Tag

The Title Tag tells people and search engines what that page is about. It should contain relevant keywords given that this element is part of what makes people want to visit your site when it shows up in search results.

Image List Module

The Image List Module allows the visualization of multiple images at the same time in a dynamic and interactive way, with the possibility to apply links to the images. Click here to read more about the Image List Module.


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