Basic Modules Overview

The Basic Modules can be found at the top of the editor. To use a specific module, drag it to the page and place it where you want it - either a new row or an existing column, depending on the module size and format. Below you'll find a small description of each basic module - click on each title if you wish to know more details about that specific module. Watch the following video for a quick tutorial on how to add modules and the different module settings.



The Text Module makes it easy to add and edit text to a website. It features the Text Editor Toolbar which allows the full customization of a text's elements.



Images are visual elements that can improve the design of a website. The Image Module adds a standalone picture to the website where you can modify both the content and the styling.


Button and Button 2

Buttons make it easy for your visitors to find the information they need and is also an effective way to encourage them to visit specific pages on your website. In the Button and the Button 2 Modules it is possible to change both the content and the styling.



Embed the Maps Module to your website to direct customers your way, making it easier to locate your company in a single or multiple addresses. In the Maps Module, not only can the addresses be defined but also the map can be styled and other settings, like zoom, can be changed.



The Gallery Module allows the visualization of multiple images at the same time in a dynamic and interactive way. In the Gallery Module you can choose how many images you want to display, how to style them and how to navigate between them.


Image List Module

The Image List Module allows the visualization of multiple images at the same time in a dynamic and interactive way, with the possibility to apply links on the images. In the Image List Module you can choose how many images you want to display, how to style them and where should they link to. 


Link & Download

The Link & Download Module allows the creation of link lists for pages - external, internal or email - or the download of a file. It is possible to personalize the label, styling and text string. 



Gather and store valuable information about your customers by asking relevant questions or have them choose an element from a list, among many other options. With the Form Module, it is possible to change the content, styling and other settings.


Mailchimp Form

Integrate your MailChimp lists with your forms to easily gather and store the data from your website that is updated in your MailChimp list automatically. The settings are very close to the regular Form Module.



The Divider is a great way to divide the content by adding a small line as a new row that can be customized in terms of placement, styling and spacing.



With this module it is possible to add custom HTML to a website.


Payment Icons

This module adds some small payment icons that you can choose from a list of various services - like Google Wallet, Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, among many others. The module also allows some styling.


Paypal Button

With this module you will be to attach a Merchant ID or Paypal Email Address. It is possible to personalize the button for a purchase, payment or donation and setting the amount and currency. Finally the module also allows some styling.


Vertical Navigation

This module allows you to display a vertical navigation menu with all the subpages within a page.

Email Share

This module allows the visitors of your website to recommend it to their friends by sharing it via email.



The Autospacer module can be used to move modules to the bottom of columns, aligning modules on different columns or centring a module within a column.  


The Search Module allows your visitors to search for specific content on your website. The search can be done across your whole website or limited to pages, shop or blog.


Opening Hours

With this module you can add your business' opening hours to your website. 



With this module you can add special offers that you wish to communicate to your visitors on your website.



With this module you can add reviews to your website.



With this module you can add lists to your website, keeping data readable and organized. 



With the Video Module it is possible to display a video on your website, making your page more interactive and potentially engaging your visitors.


Price List

With this module you can organize your products/services and display their prices in a list. 


Open Now

This module is useful to display to your clients and visitors whether your business is open or not, at any given time.

Icon List

With the Icon List Module you can add visually interesting icons to your site, along with a list.


The Accordion Module allows you to add and hide specific content in a list, which can collapse and expand as the user clicks on the different list elements.


Email Signup Form

This module allows the gathering and storing of valuable contact information about your customers that will be used when sending out newsletters.

Global Styling Basic Modules

There are three other basic modules that are specific to Global Styling - Breadcrumb, Navigation and Language Selector. To learn more about Global Styling specific modules, click here.  


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