Legal is the thirteenth section of Global Data. You may want to add business specific information for legal purposes or a data privacy policy; you can easily do it in this section.

1. Legal Headline, Text and Privacy Policy

In the main area of the Editor you will find five different sets of legal fields, each of them with the possibility to add a headline and text.

It also contains a dedicated Legal Privacy Policy headline and text area at the bottom where you can paste your privacy policy or privacy terms. 

Tip: You can use standard HTML text formatting in Global Data fields to help you organize larger chunks of text. For example, use <b> </b> around words or sentences you want to appear in bold, and add hyperlinks with this syntax: <a href="URL" target="_blank">Your link text</a> (the target URL will open in a new browser window). 

2. Import Global Data

Instead of manually typing down the text for each field, you can import the content from existing websites or pages. To do so, simply click on Import Global Data. Learn more about importing global data here!


Please note that it is possible to associate different content depending on the different languages available on your site. This means that you can have specific legal information for each one of your languages. The content will then be available locally depending on under which language you are working. Learn how to add different languages in your site here!


These Global Data fields are extremely useful when using the Text Module. To read more about the Text Module, please click here! Global Data can also be used in other modules such as the Form Module.


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