Cookie Notification

Enable a bar overlay to greet your website visitors with a message about accepting or disallowing tracking cookies. Disallowing cookie tracking will ensure that the visitor’s actions on your website are not recorded or captured in your analytics dashboard.


1. How to manage cookies

In the editor, click Settings and choose the Cookie Notification option. Activate a cookie notification info bar by ticking "Enable info-bar on your site". 

The cookie notification will only show up the first time a user visits a site. After accepting the cookie, the user's choice will be remembered untill the browser cookies are cleared or the site is accessed from a different browser.

2. Type of notification

It is possible to choose whether users will just be informed that the website uses cookies or if they should take action, either opting out if they do not wish to have cookies enabled or opting in for cookies to be allowed. These settings are sensitive to local privacy and cookie laws. Please check with your local legal policies in order to determine which setting is best for your website.

There are 3 notification types to choose from:

User will be informed that the website uses cookies

With this cookie setting enabled, cookies will by default be saved. The visitor will get informed that the site uses cookies but doesn't get any options to opt-out or in. 


Users should opt-out if they do not wish to have cookies enabled 

With this cookie setting enabled, cookies will by default be saved. The visitor will get informed that the site uses cookies and given an option to opt-out (get out) of having cookies saved. If visitors close the bar by clicking the X in the top right corner, cookies will still be stored.  


Users should opt-in for cookies to be allowed

With this cookie setting enabled, cookies will by default not be saved. The visitor gets the option to have cookies saved, but before they manually opt-in no cookies or information will be saved. If visitors close the bar by clicking the X in the top right corner, no cookies will be stored.  


3. Creating the message and button text

You may create the message and define the button text to show to your site visitors under "Description" and "Button Text", as illustrated in the image below. You can also set whether you want the info bar to appear at the top or bottom of a site. Finally, you can create a link to your privacy policy and define a link text.

Tip: If you want the link text to stand out, remember that the Editor supports HTML text formatting so if you, for example, want the link to appear in bold, put <b> and </b> around it. 


4. Styling the Cookie Notification

The Cookie Notification bar is pre-styled, meaning that it will always appear with a semi-transparent black background, a white-colored link to the Privacy Policy, and a white-colored  button with rounded corners. This hardcoded design ensures that the bar will always be clearly visible to visitors, regardless of what colors you're using on your website. It is not possible to change the styling properties of the Cookie Notification bar.  


5. Activating Option for Users to revoke Cookie Consent

If visitors have previously consented or opted-in for cookies to be allowed, they are able to revoke this consent later on. In order to activate this option for the visitor, tick "Enable Cookie Opt-Out Option" at the bottom of the page. 

Now, a small tab titled "Cookies" appears at the bottom-left corner of the website when the visitor is browsing. The tab only appears when the visitor is scrolling down and approaches the bottom of the page. Similarily, it disappears again when the visitor scrolls back up. Upon clicking on the Cookies tab, the visitor is presented with a message and button enabling them to revoke the given consent. Clicking the button effectively disables traffic log cookies used on the website. 

Please note that both the Cookies tab and the revoke consent bar are hardcoded in terms of content and design. It is not possible to change their appearance, position, styling, or text. The texts on both the tab and the bar are auto-translated into the language your website is in. 

6. Which types of cookies are set by default?

The following types of cookies are saved by default in the Editor:

If website visitors opt-out of having their cookies stored, the Google Analytics tracking cookies listed above will be removed.

None of the above cookies store any personally identifiable information. If you're adding additional cookies yourself (for example if you display videos or embeds from third-party providers), the IP from where data is submitted might not be masked and anonymised. Therefore, if you add additional cookies, please check yourself how personally identifiable information is stored and managed. For more information, please visit:


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