Email Campaigns Overview

Email Campaigns is the fourth section of the CRM tab. In this section you can easily create, test, send and delete email campaigns.

1. Create newsletter

To create an email campaign, simply click on the Create Email Campaign button. To read all about how to create an email campaign in the editor, click here.

2. Delete

To delete one or more email campaigns, simply select the campaign(s) you wish to delete by clicking on the small square on its left followed by pressing the Delete button. A message box will ask you to confirm your decision; click Yes to completely delete the campaign or No to cancel and go back to your campaigns list.

3. Campaign Name

This field will display a couple of details about each campaign so you can easily recognise them. The details include the campaign name and summary.

4. Recipients

This field displays the number of recipients for the campaign.

5. Action Date

This field displays the date and time of the last action done on the campaign; the action could either be the creation, any change to any field or the sending of the campaign.

6. Details

This field will only display data once the campaign has been sent; if your newsletter has been sent you will be able to see two important statistics:

6.1. Opens

The Opens percentage refers to how many of your recipients actually opened a successfully delivered campaign.

6.2. Clicks

The Clicks percentage refers to how many of your recipients opened a successfully delivered campaign and actually clicked on any link that you might have provided.

7. Status

This field displays the status of your campaign; the status can either be:

7.1. New

If the status of your campaign is New, it means that the campaign has been recently created and it hasn't been sent yet. 

7.2. Sent

If the status of your campaign is Sent, it means that the campaign has already been sent to its recipients. 

8. Duplicate

In case you wish to duplicate an existing campaign, you can do it by clicking on the Duplicate icon. It is possible to duplicate new and sent campaigns.

9. Edit

A campaign can be edited at any point until you have sent it. This means you will find the Edit icon only when the status of your campaign is new.


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