Intro to Shop Modules

To be able to implement your products on your site, you will need the shop modules. If you have chosen a template the most important shop modules will already be implemented on the site. If you haven't chosen a template you can always drag and drop shop modules onto your page.


1. Shop Modules

There are three main shop modules - the Catalog Module, the Filter Module and the Cart Module.


1.1. Catalog Module
The catalog module allows your customers to see the products you offer in a predefined and organized way. It is also possible to visit each individual product page and ultimately it allows your clients to perform a purchase. It is possible to find the Catalog Module under the E-Commerce Modules on the Pages Mode of the editor.


1.2. Filter Module

The shop filter allows your customers to sort your products by price, variants and other product characteristics and it's associated with your product catalogs. The filter will affect all product catalogs on a page. It is possible to find the Filter Module under the E-Commerce Modules on the Pages Mode of the Editor.


1.3. Cart Module

Your customers need a cart to be able to check out and purchase a product. It is possible to find the Cart Module under the E-Commerce Modules on the Global Styling Mode of the editor. Please note that the Cart Module must be added in the header of your pages.


2. Editing the Shop Modules

To open the editing menu of any of the Shop Modules, double-click on top of the module you wish to modify or hover the mouse on top of it to find the blue module menu and click on the Edit option. There you will find the local styling options; for Global Styling options, go to Global Styling and find the different modules and pages under Shop Settings.


3. Shop Example Overview


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