Module Groups Overview

Module Groups are predesigned modules which make a page more functional and sophisticated while at the same time facilitating the design by having modules already grouped in a relevant way. Module Groups also ensure that the content is always optimized to any viewport and thus ensuring a great user experience. 

To add a Module Group to a page, find the All Groups option from the top left menu and drag the preferred Module from the top bar to the page. To learn more about each individually module group, click on its title. Watch the following video for a quick tutorial on how to add modules and the different module settings.



Main Campaign

This module is composed by one text module and a button. It can be used for a main title, a short description and a call-to-action in the button, for example. 


Menu Card

This module was designed intentionally for a menu card, however it can be adapted to multiple uses. It is composed by a 2 x 3 table, with six individual text modules.


Testimonial & Testimonials

This module group is perfect for reviews, recommendations, sayings, among others. It is composed by a text module with a small image on top or bottom so it is possible to portray the author of the text. It can either be one big row - one speaker - or two columns - two speakers.


Service List Boxed & Service List

This module group was intended to display a service or product list, being composed by an image module, a text module and a button module. The only difference between these two module groups is that in the first case the modules are surrounded by a box whereas in the latter they are not. It can one big row, displaying only one product/service, or two, three or four columns, to display more than one product/service.


Text & Button

The Text & Button module groups can have multiple functions; it is composed by a text module and a button module that can be fully personalized. It can be just one row or it can go up to four columns.


Image & Text 

The Image & Text Module Group is composed by an image module, a text module and a button module. Not only can they be fully personalized in terms of content and styling, but also the different module groups vary in quantity and order.


Gallery & Text

The Gallery & Text Module Group is perfect to display pictures under a title and a short description; it is composed by a text module and a gallery module.


Service List

The Service List is a module that allows a small picture, a title and a description of a product/service. There is multiple modules to choose from according to the number of products/services that one wishes to display. One of the module groups also contains a button module. 


Fluid Gallery

The Fluid Gallery Module has the same characteristics as the regular Gallery Module except that it has the Fluid Container option enabled. This means that the content is spread to the entire width of the browser, independently from the size of the screen.


Fluid Image & Text

The Fluid Image & Text Module Group has the same characteristics as the Image & Text Module Group except that instead of a text module, it has a free column in which you can attribute media as the background. Also, the Fluid Container option is enabled.


Google Maps & Contact Form

This module group is perfect to add to as a contact page, for example, where customers can locate a business and contact it in case they wish to do so. It is composed by a Google Maps module, a Text module and a Form module.


Selling Points & Buttons

This module group allows the side-by-side comparison of three different products/services with a call-to-action button on the bottom. The columns can be deleted or added in order to display less or more products and it is composed by text and buttons modules.


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