Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an important tool that allows you to track, monitor and analyze your traffic and understand your visitors. The Editor allows you to export a full range of highly detailed statistics about your traffic and visitors to your own Google Analytics account.


How to add an account

To feed your website data into a Google Analytics account, add your Google Analytics ID and the Google Tag Manager ID in the fields. It is possible to add multiple accounts by separating the IDs with a comma.

By default, the Google Analytics code will be placed within the <body> tag of your website along with all the rest of your content (text, links, images, etc.). If you instead want the code to be placed in your <head> tag, tick the box Move Google Analytics code to before </head>.


Quick Statistics

For a quick overview of some important statistics, don't forget to check the Visitor Stats on the Home tab of the editor. Learn more about the editor statistics section here!


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