Password Protected Pages - Overview

In your site, it is possible to password protect specific pages to which you want to limit access from visitors. Please note that you will only be able to add Password Protected Pages to your site if you have a CRM subscription. 

1. How to password protect a page?

To password protect a page you should use the User Login Module, to create the form for users with the password to access the page, and enable the password protection option under the Page Settings of the page you wish to protect. Read more about the User Login Module here and find all about Page Settings here. 

1.1. Using only Page Settings

When you want to password protect a page you don't have to necessarily use both the module and define the settings. If you only enable the password protection option under the Page Settings, a Log In box will still appear for users to log in once they try to access the password protected page; however, without the User Login Module, they won't be able to check their Profile Page.

2. User Profile Page

Once a user logs in the User Login Module, the Login button will turn into a My Account button. Here the user can access and update his profile details, such as contact details and email updates settings, as well as log out. To read more about the User Profile Page click here.

3. Styling

It is possible to find styling options for both the CRM Login box and the User Profile Page on the Global Styling tab, under the CRM Settings. Click here to read more about the CRM Login Global Styling and find all about the Profile Page Global Styling here.

4. Defining Access for Users

To define which users have access to password protected pages, you must tag them in the right User Group and then define the exact same group under Page Settings. Learn how to do that here!


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